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 Week 2 and 3 reports

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Week 2 and 3 reports Empty
PostSubject: Week 2 and 3 reports   Week 2 and 3 reports EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 12:53 am

So after a relatively quite first week, the Rotten Esther league exploded into life in week 2. angry 
With Hank and Bert both posting late. Hank claiming to be "shaping" lives snuck in the first game before the deadline then posted the rest well after deadline saying he was not clear on the rules, which nearly led to him getting away with it until follow through Rees posted photographic evidence that proved otherwise. Hank was subsequently NULL AND VOIDED funny  for that week and handed a 2 week suspended points deduction. Berts was more clean cut as he blatantly posted all scores at 220pm immediate NULL AND VOID funny and same suspended points deduction. But what these 2 incidents proved is that what was initially created as a bit of craic is now a full blown intense battle between a bunch of back stabbers, snitches and downright rotten individuals. The backdoor, lifeguard and follow through were the loudest voices. With the back door showing he is not in this to mess about, constantly calling for NULL AND VOIDS all over the place. Performance wise Dexter and Branch Happy had decent controversy free weeks and lay 1st and 2nd. The backdoor was making up for lost time with an impressive 10 point hall after his first week scores vanishing off the forum. Pinkman and lifeguard also made their bow with very average weeks of 6 and 4 respectivley Happy . With the lifeguard holding up the league.
Week 3 saw yet more controversy. Chinky posted his scores well in time but neglected to put Chelseas score in the Chelsea game once again leading to SHOUTS AND CRIES of NULL AND VOID with the Lifeguard even calling for Chinky to be thrown out of the competition. All seeming very harsh and could all lead to a more defined rule book being introduced. A board meeting is being called with the hope of sorting this out.
Also Branch correctly predicted the total goals bonus after mistakenly predicting the same as Bert but changing it to try and avoid controversy in case they both predicted correctly but once again there was defeaning cries from everywhere and the bonus remains unwon and will be carried over till next week. funny 
Week 3 saw the best individual performance from Spud Happy  after a very slow start he exploded with 14 points in week 3 with an amazing 4 correct scores which has shot him to the top of the table by virtue of having more correct scores. Dexter drops down to 2nd spot with an average week. Branch had a shocker with only 2 points. Follow through is holding firm in 3rd place. Even after starting a week late the backdoor finds himself in 5th place averaging 9 points for his first 2 weeks. Good to see him backing up all his whinging and bickering irish 
Jesus looks like he is going to have a VURY average season happy to drag himself along in mid table. Chinky, Hank, Bert, Pinkman and the lifeguard look like they are settling in for a long hard relegation battle. While this weeks new arrival Rocker Roche gets off to a steady start but remains bottom and must improve his spelling.
Until next week ADIOS:Sm2:
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Week 2 and 3 reports
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