A collection of very useless men trying to get the better of each other in a league so ordinary its SAD
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 Last man standing

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PostSubject: Last man standing   Last man standing EmptyThu Nov 21, 2013 4:02 am

Right gentlemen starting this Saturday we will start a last man standing with d overall winner receiving 10 pts. Rules are as follows each player picks a team if your team wins u progress to the next week. If ur team loses ur out. You can only pick a team once e.g Liverpool if dey win u go to d next week but ur not allowed to choose them again. Each week there will b a seperate post just leave ur team n it. Best of luck
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Posts : 288
Join date : 2013-09-07

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PostSubject: Re: Last man standing   Last man standing EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 7:28 am

Mick Rees Newcastle
Yesterday at 17:39 via mobile · Like · 1

Liam O'neill Chelsea
Yesterday at 17:42 via mobile · Like

Stephen Flusk Arsenal
Yesterday at 17:47 via mobile · Like

Niall Forde newcastle
Yesterday at 18:44 · Like · 1

Jamie Linton Chelsea
Yesterday at 19:02 via mobile · Like

Pa Roche Man United
Yesterday at 19:20 · Like

Noel Kavanagh Arsenal
23 hours ago via mobile · Like

Tom Roche Stoke City
23 hours ago · Like

Jacinta Kavanagh hull
3 hours ago · Like

Richie Conroy Arsenal
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Last man standing
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